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The keyword for achieving next-generation technology is miniaturization.Our company has developed a technology using general-purpose plastic molding that enables the formation of nano- and micro-level intricate shapes. This technology brings about significant improvements in characteristics that were previously considered impossible, along with cost advantages. It will lead to the practical implementation of next-generation sensors, displays, and medical devices.

Basic Information

Company Name TONO FINE PLATING Co., Ltd.
Company Address 2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki Prefecture 
Industry Category Semiconductor related/Materials & Equipment 
Date of Establishment 2009
Number of Employees 4
Amount of Capital NT$ 1,650,223

Summary of Capability

Service Mode The patented technology HPA-Die® integrates mold structure utilizing special coatings molding techniquesmold-making techniques enabling mass production of patterns down to a minimum of 100nm through resin injection molding. HPA-Die® is a groundbreaking technology that achieves the transfer of intricate shapes by meticulously controlling the heat flow on the mold surface to obtain high resin fluidity.
Main Products
Development of Technology Development of injection molding technologysurface treatment processing technology Production of molded products (HPA-Die®)coating services (DLC)  
International Recognition