1. Authorization Method and Scope

In order to facilitate the widespread use of the website information, all information and materials published on the "AI on Chip Semiconductor and AIoT International Business Opportunities Precise Matching Platform" (hereinafter referred to as "the Site") are protected by copyright and are available for public use on a non-remunerated, non-exclusive, sub-licensable basis. The user may reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly transmit, or otherwise use, without limitation of time and place, the material to develop various products or services (referred to as “value-added derivatives”). This license shall not be subsequently withdrawn, nor shall the user be required to obtain written or other forms of authorization from the agency. The source should be indicated during use.

2. Information on Related Items

(1) The scope of this license extends only to the protection of copyright and not to other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and institutional logos.
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(3) As the Site is meant for public publication only, information and materials that require additional consent for use as stated by us, including part of the audio, video, graphics, audio, diagrams, technical information on company products, expert project write-ups or other writings, are not included in this license.

3. Should be prudential not to infringe the copyright of third parties (including the right to express one's name and the right to prohibit improper alteration).

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5. The authorization from this website does not authorize the user the right to recommend, endorse or approve its value-added derivatives on behalf of this website.