Alliance Characteristics

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Origin of Alliance

In accordance with the Executive Yuan‘s “Strategic Review Board Meeting for the Smart System and Chip Industry” and the continuation of the “Chip Design and Semiconductor Technology Development and Application Plan”, the Industrial Development Administration has promoted the “AI on Chip Industry Promotion Project” and established the “AI on Chip Industrial Cooperation Strategic Alliance” since 2020.

Alliance Planning Main Axis

As of January 8, 2024, a total of 101 members were recruited, including 26 from semiconductor industry, 56 from application fields, and 19 from academic and research. Facilitating the Development and Adoption of AI on Chip Solutions:
  • 1.System Integration Company
    (Industrial PC,edge computing system,integration/company)
    (1)Promote the adoption of Taiwan's smart edge device / chips by smart system / integration company
    (2)Assist vendors to obtain the AI or algorithms needed to develop smart systems/platforms
  • 2.Edge Device Company
    (Smart car electronics, smart care, smart Unmanned Vehicle, smart manufacturing...etc.Related smart solution providers)
    (1)Promote the adoption of Taiwanese chip technology by smart edge device company
    (2)Assist vendors in obtaining the AI or algorithms needed to develop smart edge devices/systems
  • 3.Chip and Module Solution Provider
    (IC design companies that have invested in AI or algorithmic applications IC packaging and testing companies that invest in semiconductor heterogeneous integration)
    (1)Encourage chip makers to invest in developing chip and module solution with AI or algorithms
    (2)Assist vendors in obtaining AI or algorithms for chip and module solution development
Facilitating the Development and Adoption of AI on Chip Solutions
  • System Integration Company
  • Edge Device Company
  • Chip and Module Solution Provider

Alliance Development Strategy

Assist the industry to grasp the latest information of AI on Chip R&D trends, connect Taiwanese companies with major domestic and overseas companies, create opportunities for multinational companies to come to Taiwan for procurement or technology collaboration, promote the AI on Chip related industry chain and target the global application market.
1.Technical Exchange Seminar 2.World Leading Companies Business Matching Events
3.1 on 1 Matchmaking Conference 4.Apply for Government Research Project Grant.
a.Focus on AI on Chip technology issues, assist the industry to grasp the latest R&D information,generate innovative thinking, and create more business opportunities.
b.Connecting with domestic and foreign system manufacturers or brands to enhance Taiwan's core competitiveness in developing AI applications.
c.Promote the integration of software and hardware to nurture AI on Chip capacity for Taiwan's devices and to target the global AI application market.
Alliance Development Strategy

Alliance Promotion Target

Promote the acceleration of corporate investment in the AI on Chip industry by leveraging Taiwan's leading edge in semiconductors, such as smart car electronics, smart care, smart Unmanned Vehicle, smart manufacturing and other related applications. Promote software and hardware integration, and accelerate the formation of Taiwan's AI industry chain. 1.Create a Better and Smart Life 2.Building a Comprehensive Smart Factory 3.Innovative and Creative Robot Applications 4.Improving the Health Care Field 5.Accelerated Development Internet of Vehicles Technology
Alliance  Promotion Target

Alliance International Promotion

To expand the demand for collaboration between domestic and foreign companies, enable companies to connect with international resources and establish marketing channels, and construct the "AI on Chip Semiconductor and AIoT International Business Opportunities Precision Matchmaking Platform" to successfully develop new business opportunities overseas.
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