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Intelligent Silicon Solution Corporation(ISSC)-logo


Founded in November 22, 2017, ISSC provides high-performance micro control unit (MCU) value-added products that deliver superior value to customers. To address the increasing demand for system-level solutions, ISSC provides motor control and automotive IT system solutions to satisfy market requirements and end-user experience.

Basic Information

Company Name Intelligent Silicon Solution Corporation(ISSC)
Company Address 300 Hsinchu CityEast District6F., No. 2, Keji 5th Rd. 
Industry Category Semiconductor Related/IC Design 
Date of Establishment 1917
Number of Employees 60
Amount of Capital

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Fabless
Main Products Microcontroller Optical transceiver active component Capacitive touch sensor
Development of Technology Auto Grade 8-bit/32-bit MCU(Micro Controller Unit) Touch Key Controller CAN/LIN TransceiverSBC(System Basis Chip)  
International Recognition ISO-26262 ISO-9001