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ELAN Microelectronics Corporation specializes in Smart Human Interface chip solutions and innovative technologies, which are mainly implemented in laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart cards, automotive and many more. ELAN has a leading position in the global chip market for laptop applications. At the same time, ELAN Group has its extended product portfolio by integrating current technology with Affiliates and extending to the areas of smart transportation and automotive sector.

Basic Information

Company Name ELAN Microelectronics Corporation
Company Address 300 Hsinchu CityEast DistrictNo. 12, Chuangxin 1st Rd., Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County 
Industry Category Semiconductor Related/IC Design 
Date of Establishment 1994
Number of Employees 1,000
Amount of Capital NT$ 3,039,000,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Fabless
Main Products Touchpad Module Pointing Stick Microcontroller Fingerprint authentication IC Capacitive touch sensor IC Capacitive touch sensor IC for laptop with stylus
Development of Technology Not available  
International Recognition ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001