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oToBrite Electronics, Inc. is dedicated to developing driver safety system products and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. With a vision to provide innovative and world-leading vehicle imaging system and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), oToBrite strives to make driving simpler and safer, and to contribute to the development of automated driving technology. oToBrite’s products have been adopted by several auto companies. We started shipments of ADAS product to auto companies in 2017, and began to supply Auto Parking system products for electric car factory in 2018.

Basic Information

Company Name oToBrite Electronics, Inc.
Company Address 300 Hsinchu CityEast District6F., No. 18, Zhanye 2nd Rd. 
Industry Category IoT Related/Smart Car Electronics 
Date of Establishment 2013
Number of Employees 160
Amount of Capital NT$ 350,000,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode System Supply Software Authorization ODM
Main Products Front ADAS System Autonomous Driving Camera Auto Parking System Automatic driving data collection system
Development of Technology Lidar  
International Recognition IATF 16949