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As a software development professional, we always combine new technological trends and solutions with our skills which have cultivated over 50 years. We will keep providing our customers with optimized services and products by constantly creating services that meet the cutting of edge needs of the times.

Basic Information

Company Address  
Industry Category IoT related/Software Development 
Date of Establishment 1970
Number of Employees 15,756
Amount of Capital NT$ 6,632,980,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode System integration(IP free)
Main Products Embedded/Control Technology Business Systems Solutions
Development of Technology AI Integration-Image Recognition(object detection human detection damage detection)、IoT Integration (Smart Factory Smartphone application Local 5G)、Cloud Integration (AWS、Azure、GCP、Salesforce)、Robot Integration-Device control software(for semiconductor manufacture device)Evaluation of telecommunication on chipset  
International Recognition ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO27001