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Deep01 is a Taiwan-based AI software company that located in Taipei. Our focus is developing advanced AI-based SaMD (Software as a Medical Device) for decision support that aims to assist physicians to expedite patient treatment. Deep01 is the first AI company in the world to obtain both U.S. and Taiwan FDA clearances.

Basic Information

Company Name Deep01 Limited
Company Address 220 New Taipei CityBanqiao District6F.-1, No. 293-2, Sec. 1, Sanmin Rd. 
Industry Category IoT Related/Smart Wearable Device 
Date of Establishment 2016
Number of Employees 20
Amount of Capital NT$ 76,570,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Software authorization
Main Products Artificial intelligence (AI) identification technology for cerebral hemorrhage
Development of Technology DeepCT  
International Recognition US FDA Taiwan FDA Thailand FDA CE