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The Sysinno Technology Inc. mainly concentrate on providing various types of sensor-related product design, application and services. We combine many kinds of miniature sensing elements, and introduce the appropriate mathematical algorithms to develop the smart, intelligent sensing products. Hoping to help people to achieve an intelligent, high-quality living environment.

Basic Information

Company Name Sysinno Technology Inc.
Company Address 300 Hsinchu CityEast District17F.-7, No. 27, Guanxin Rd. 
Industry Category IoT Related/Smart Living 
Date of Establishment 2012
Number of Employees
Amount of Capital

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Brand Manufacturer
Main Products Cloud applications, IoT technology Microprocessor hardware design, firmware development Electromechanical integration, algorithm related field technology Application of wireless transmission technology Software application development, UI interface design and development Sensor component mechanism design, system development
Development of Technology HDMI Sensor Player IoT controller HDMI控制器  
International Recognition ISO9001 ISO14001