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Daxin biotechnology is a start-up company devoted to excrement treatment solution comprehensively. In the field of long-term care and medical, intending to solve the pain points of excrement treatment with innovative technology care method. And enhancing the quality of long-term care for caregiver and care recipient.

Basic Information

Company Name Daxin Biotechnology CO., LTD.
Company Address 236 New Taipei CityTucheng District1F., No. 35, Chengtian Rd. 
Industry Category IoT Related/Smart Wearable Device 
Date of Establishment 2017
Number of Employees 13
Amount of Capital NT$ 27,750,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Brand Manufacturer
Main Products Daxin Diaper Free
Development of Technology AIoT Smart Medical Smart Healthcare  
International Recognition IEC-60601 ISO-13485 GMP FDA