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Macroblock was founded in June 1999 in Hsinchu, Taiwan and we have since positioned ourselves as a mixed-signal driver IC design house with a special focus on power management and opto-electronic applications. We continue to deliver products with the highest quality and have gained the trust and confidence of our worldwide clients.

Basic Information

Company Name Macroblock
Company Address 300 Hsinchu CityEast District6F.-4, No. 18, Puding Rd 
Industry Category Semiconductor Related/IC Design 
Date of Establishment 1999
Number of Employees 241
Amount of Capital NT$ 444,000,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Fabless
Main Products
Development of Technology Common Anode Integrated MOSFET Thermal Foldback Low EMI Interference Active Power Factor Correction Constant PFM(Pulse Frequency Modulation)  
International Recognition ISO9001:2015