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Chilitag Technology Ltd.-logo


A creative products and services-based technology innovation company. Using technology to achieve creative thinking, cultural value-added, to make security and convenience of life. Combining technology, creativity, culture, life, excellent, professional and creative R & D strengths, insist on quality first belief, the introduction of innovative value added culture and life of niche products, and through cross-sector of RFID industry to create another blue ocean, and open up new IC (Innovation & Culture) generations.

Basic Information

Company Name Chilitag Technology Ltd.
Company Address 802 Kaohsiung CityLingya District23F.-5, No. 31, Haibian Rd. 
Industry Category IoT Related/Other Solutions 
Date of Establishment 2010
Number of Employees 14
Amount of Capital NT$ 62,000,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode OEM ODM
Main Products RFID Reader Module IOT Sensor device IC card packaging
Development of Technology RFID HF/UHF Reader Module  
International Recognition Not available