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Thermalytica Inc. developed TIISA, a heat insulation material with the highest performance and cost-effectiveness, while also entering commercial production and marketing of such products. The ultra heat insulating material TIISA® is a heat insulator that Thermalytica Inc. has redesigned using high performance aerogel with proprietary technology that possesses superior heat insulating performance. TIISA® alone has excellent heat insulating performance and can be used as a refrigerant for transporting liquefied hydrogen at -253°C and space applications. TIISA® composite materials have excellent cost performance and can be used in important economic areas such as building materials, factories, home appliances, etc. to meet the needs for heat insulation in society.

Basic Information

Company Name Thermalytica Inc.
Company Address 3-13 Sakura, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 
Industry Category Semiconductor related/Materials & Equipment 
Date of Establishment 2021
Number of Employees
Amount of Capital NT$ 2,832,239

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Material development
Main Products
Development of Technology TIISA®  
International Recognition