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NanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc.-logo


NBS is a startup company founded by NEC research personnel in September 2019. The mission of NBS is to create low-power, radiation-resistant and rewritable IoT terminals. NBS’ vision is to spread ICT to every corner of the world through NanoBridge. In addition to reducing semiconductor power consumption and manufacturing costs, this also has wide applicability. Such as in electric vehicles, robots, drones and surveillance cameras.

Basic Information

Company Name NanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc.
Company Address Sengen 2-1-6, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 
Industry Category Semiconductor related/IC Manufacture 
Date of Establishment 2019
Number of Employees
Amount of Capital NT$ 34,181,845

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Semiconductor manufacturing
Main Products
Development of Technology Semiconductor photocathode technology Electron beam generation device PES-2020 e-Beam System®  
International Recognition