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Focusing on the digital transformation of physical retail and the development of AI platform for smart retail, the team is composed of AI identification and big data talents, through artificial intelligence, data science and other core technologies , solve the pain points of marketing and customer experience in the retail industry, and assist brands in implementing efficient digital transformation.

Basic Information

Company Name Ret[AI]lingData
Company Address Taipei CityNangang DistrictRoom 912, 9th Floor, Building H, No. 3-2, Yuanyuan Street 
Industry Category IoT Related/Smart Manufacture/Device 
Date of Establishment 2019
Number of Employees 15
Amount of Capital NT$ 20,000,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Retailing digital transformationsdeveloping AI intelligence platform
Main Products Ret[AI]ling Data®Retailing Marketing Automation,ReMA Ret[AI]ling Data®Smart Sale Promotion, SSP Ret[AI]ling Data® Customer Data Platform, First CDP
Development of Technology AI Machine Learning、Image Recognition、Recommendation System  
International Recognition