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Tron Future Tech was founded in 2018 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The company is supported by over 100 professional engineers specializing in developing and producing the world’s most advanced electronic scanning radar and satellite communication systems. In Defense Sector, we offer highly portable, flexible, and effective CUAS systems. In Space Sector, we offer Ku/Ka-band LEO Satellite Communication and X-band Satellite SAR. Our CUAS system is comprised of T.Radar® active detection, T.Sensor® passive detection, T.Jammer® softkill counter-measure, T.Interceptor® hardkill counter-measure, and T.Meta® cloud C2 system. These systems are designed to be flexible in terms of system configuration and software functionality, and can all be integrated into a complete anti-drone system through the intuitive T.Meta® C2 solution.

Basic Information

Company Name Tron Future Tech Inc.
Company Address Hsinchu CityEast District 
Industry Category IoT Related/Smart Car Electronics 
Date of Establishment 2018
Number of Employees 130
Amount of Capital NT$ 243,820,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Total Solution
Main Products all-digital phased array systems
Development of Technology DesignAssembly/Testing of Advanced AESA、Core chip design for AESA、Multi-beam algorithm for pulse radar、Ultra-thin all-digital/hybrid phased array systemdata processing architecture、Self-tested phased array system  
International Recognition ISO9001:2015、ISO14001:2015、ISO45001:2018、 ISO27001:2013