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Mindtronic AI is a leading vision AI company focusing on automotive industry, offering self-learning SDK for global carmakers in HMI and ADAS domain to quickly prototype and scaling in an economical way.

Basic Information

Company Name Mindtronic AI
Company Address 116  
Industry Category IoT Related/Smart Mobility 
Date of Establishment 2017
Number of Employees 25
Amount of Capital NT$ 25,000,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Design house
Main Products 1. 3D AR-HUD 2. 3D HMI/Display 3. Self-learning Copilot System
Development of Technology 1. 3D AR-HUD: The company pioneers the technology for inferring users interest with sub-1mm pupil center detection accuracy which can precisely augment virtual object serviceinformation onto reality via windshield without user demand it. 2. Immersive 3D-HMI: MAI proved the technology leadership of 3D-HMI including spatial reality gaze control multi-display stitchingpersonalized interactions. 3. Self-learning Copilot - MAI perfectly interpret the drivers statusintention fuse the data with ADAS for personalized autonomous driving.  
International Recognition EU GSR、ASPICE