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Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation was founded in 2001 through the merger of Nissei Corporation, an electronics specialist, Hitachi Instrument Services Asia Pacific Inc, and Hitachi Instrument’s semiconductor manufacturing equipment company. Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation has been contributing to society with its people-oriented approach, and has launched global business operations in various fields.

Basic Information

Company Name Hitachi High-Tech Corporation
Company Address  
Industry Category Semiconductor related/Electronics Trading Company 
Date of Establishment 2005
Number of Employees 210
Amount of Capital NT$ 60,000,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Total solution introduction material sales AIoT smart manufacturing services.
Main Products Advanced industry components: industrialelectronic componentsother related materials, Lumada IoT smart manufacturing solutions, AI cloud SaaS service platform IndustryIT systems: Industrial infrastructure, Wide area network accelerator, etc Scientific medical system: electron microscope, medical analysis device Semiconductor manufacturing equipment: etching equipment, measurement equipmentother semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Development of Technology  
International Recognition