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Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd-logo


The company assists semiconductor manufacturers such as K company/M company in Japan and T company/U company in Taiwan to introduce transmission equipment, and is about to celebrate its 54th anniversary. We develop material control systems (MCS) and management equipment for semiconductor factories, and custom systems for smart factories.

Basic Information

Company Name Daiichi Institution Industry Co.,Ltd
Company Address  
Industry Category Semiconductor related/Materials & Equipment 
Date of Establishment 1967
Number of Employees 120
Amount of Capital NT$ 25,400,000

Summary of Capability

Service Mode Equipment salesinstallation
Main Products DocumentMaterial Control System [DMCS] Conveyor Equipment (Clean Room Lift, Conveyor Belt, Wafer Changer) for Semiconductors Smart Factory System Customization [DSSC]
Development of Technology Material Control System (MCS) Monitoring System Analysis System Customized System Integrated Robotic System  
International Recognition SEMI S2 SEMI S8 SEMI S14